Youth Future Expedition Team 100

Last March The Chosun-Ilbo initiated the 'Youth Future Expedition Team 100' project to provide young Korean people in their twenties with unlimited opportunities to explore all over the world while solving their curiosity and finding answers to our futures. The project aims to dispatch 100 young people, based on their proposals and plans, to all parts of the world where they believe the future is being shaped on an ongoing basis. The project is scheduled to be completed before March 2020, the Chosun-Ilbo's 100th anniversary.

The explorers will explore any 192 countries in six continents and meet whoever of 7.5 billion people on earth. The project covers the entire world from the issue of the digital innovation led by Artificial Intelligence to African scientists studying the future of species, without any limit on regions and subjects.

For instance, as of early May 2019, the young explorers explored the launch site of Space X Falcon 9 rocket at Cape Canaveral in the U.S., the Kilimanjaro mountain in the Tanzania to witness the climate change, Silicon Valley and the Wall Street to study impact investing, or Berlin in Germany to learn about the current mega-trend of the vegan lifestyle.

The members of the expedition are given a period of one week to complete their missions. Each member is matched with a reporter from the Chosun Media Group (the Chosun Ilbo, TV Chosun, and Chosun Biz, etc.) The reporters act as mentors or guides for the missions If you have inquiries, please contact hundred@chosun.com



Climate Change and Kilimanjaro
Snow disappearing in Kilimanjaro…”Now We Are Living with Air Conditioners
Space X Launching
Feeling the Heat of the Dream…”Will Humankind Colonize Mars?”
Big Data Soccer Analytics
In Every EPL Game Played 54 Million Data Is Stored per Player
Drone AgriTech
Drone Analytics in Alpine Farms, Increases Productivity by 10%
City Renaissance in Nante
A Gray City Reborn with Installation Art Displayed Along the Riverside
Vegan Culture in Berlin
8 Million Germans Are Now Vegetarians
Vegan Culture in Los Angeles
Sillicon Valley Money is Pouring into Vegan Industry
30 Years After the Unification
1 Million Law Suits After German Unification, Registers Are as Important as Bibl
Liberal Arts in Digital Era
US IT Companies Are in a Frenzy to Recruit Liberal Art Students
North Korean Defectors in the US
‘LiNK’, a Small NGO Estabilished by the Leader Who Attacked North Korean Embassy in Spain, Saved 1000 North Korean Defectors
Automated Port Rotterdam
An Automation Revolution in Rotterdam Ports… “AI Operates Crane
Active Life of Alzheimer Patients
“I Wash Cars for Money Instead of Going to a Nursing Home” Japan’s Coexistance with Elderly Alzheimer Patients
English Education in Swedish Public School
Spending ‘Zero Euro’ on Private Education, Sweds Rank the Best in English Speaking Aptitude
Climate Chage and Tuvalu
Tin Tuvalu, the Sinking Island in the Pacific, “Since Farmlands Disappear, We Live Off on Canned Foods
Impact Investment Led by Millennials
Money Flowing into the Millennial
WWI History Remembered
Anne Frank Education Institute Uses Advanced IT to Recreate the Past
‘Dr. Death’ and Legal Euthanasia
“Life, a Gift from Heaven… May Have to be Returned if It Becomes a Burden” Says ‘Doctor Death’
Smart Transportation Program
AI Stoplights Which Reads Big Data Cleared Traffic Jam in Amersterdam
Satellite tech
Like Flying a Drone… In Two Years, You Can Fly Your ‘Own Satellite’ with A Thousand Dollars
Robots with Thinking Brain
Thinking Robots… “When Cleaning is Needed, They Clean, When an Order Is in, They Deliver
Why Islay Whisky is the Best
Whisky's Holy Land Formed by Sea and Wind… "Cheers to the Atlantic Ocean"
Diverse Families
Even Without Marriage… Various New Concepts of Family Are Born in France
Coliving with Refugees
A City That Had Been Deserted by Population Decrease Was Resurrected by Refugees
Rising Technopolis
No Need to Be Jealous of Silicon Valley, Seattle, a City of 73 Million Is the New Tech Miracle
Hong Kong
Desperate Youths
Living in Small Rooms of Their Parent’s House, Coin Laundries Are the Place to Release All That Stress
Gig Economy
For the First Time, San Francisco Achieves 1% Unemployment Rate. The Secret is the 'Gig Economy'
Future of DMZ
Penguin Island's Warning to the DMZ "Destruction Happens in a Flash but Takes 44 Years to Restore"
Entrepreneurship in China
In Startup Apartment… 5000 Residents Dream of Becoming the Next Xiaomi
City Renewal
From Abandoned Shipyard to Tourist Attration… It Was the Residents Who Revitalized the Town
Digital Government
Estonian Government Attracts 6000 Foreign Startups… More Revolutionary Than Startups
Coding Education for All
Seattle, A Place Where Elementary School Students Learn Coding, High School Students Make Games, and College Students Working in Amazon
Care Farm for Elderly
Alzheimer Patients Farming and Cooking… 1000 Farms Like This in Netherlands
Honoring War Veterans
"Don't the Korean War Veterans Get Similliar Respect as in the US"… I Became Speechless
Eco-Friendly Energy
Boiling Water Underground, Ten Thousand Waterfalls Aboveground… An Eco
Artificial Brain
The '5mm Mini Brain' Revolutionizes Brain Treatment… Experimental Cost of Alzheimer Medicine Is Reduced by 99%
Burning of Amazon
Fire in the Amazon Burns Land Fifty Times of Seoul…Why the Locals Burn the Woods